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Do you understand me?

Theatre in English and Swedish

for ages 6-9

On Tour

Gothenburg English Studio Theatre presents

Do you understand me?

by Kristina Brändén Whitaker

An interactive performance in both English and Swedish

”Hallåååå!?....Hej!?... Fattar du vad jag säger?.....  Do you understand me? Okej, vänta…..wait ..Kan ni hjälpa till… Can you help…så ….vi kan  förstå? Understand?  Please?!”


An interactive performance in English and Swedish that plays with language and invites the audience to take an active part in what’s happening on stage.


A play about friendship, being different, being new and daring to ask to join in. A performance where the students actively take part in Me and Do’s newfound friendship and help them through different games and drama exercises, to make up and understand each other, even though they talk different languages; English and Swedish.


Do You Understand Me is also suitable for both those who only understand English or only Swedish as the play is performed in Swedish and English at the same time.




To book please contact us directly on: or 031- 42 50 65. Schools within Gothenburg can also book via KuBo


#WRU will come to your school and can be performed in your school hall (aula) or similar spaces for a maximum of 60 students. The space needs to be equipped with enough chairs or benches to seat the students. We can also arrange performance of #WRU at GEST Theatre. 


9500 SEK for first performance

(7500 SEK for a second performance on the same day)

You can apply grant for the school performance through: Skapande skola.

You can also view the production on Scenkonstportalen.

The Teacher's Resource Pack for WRU is available here.

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