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Sam Plumbe is an actor, writer and creator based in Oxford and Plymouth in the UK. He graduated from Plymouth Conservatoire in 2021 and since then he has been working with various theatre and film companies around the UK. Are we not drawn onward to new erA will be Sam’s first production at GEST.  

Sam has most recently finished writing, directing, producing and acting in his own short film ‘You Pretentious B*****D’ which is to be released later this year. He has just finished working with Conny Hancock Theatre on a short film series called ‘Dwellings’ about life and experiences in Plymouth. He has also been working with the theatre company Down Stage Write on an audio play called ‘The Approach’ which is to be released later this month.  


Sam is a highly energetic and physical performer who enjoys all things movement. He has been training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for the past year having been introduced to it during his time at Plymouth Conservatoire. Sam is a keen tennis player and plays at county level as well as being a tennis coach himself.