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The Ghosts of Us

Lina Ikse

29 October - 3 December 2022


When someone I loved suddenly died a shadow fell upon me and everything around me. In my pictures I've tried to process and portray my loss, anger, guilt, sorrow and longing.  Creating these images has been a way of dealing with the incomprehensible and I wanted to see it as a way out of the dark towards the light and life, which I once loved very much

FINISSAGE: December 3rd, 16:00 - 17:00

The finissage is open for anyone to attend, but if you'd like to stay for the performance of Ghost Stories afterwards, be sure to book a ticket in advance to avoid disappointment!

Lina Ikse is a photographer who studied in London and has had a studio in Kontsepidemin in Gothenburg since 2009.She works primarily with the performing arts, and her own exhibitions and projects.



In conjunction with our production of Ghost Stories, GEST is hosting an exhibition of new work by photographer Lina Ikse, entitled The Ghosts of Us.


We'll be opening the theatre early so that our audiences can enjoy the exhibition before watching the play.  Entrance to the exhibition is included with all tickets for the play, Ghost Stories.

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