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Queer Village & Queer Village Letters

Bianco Casco

10 March - 5 April 2023

Queer Village (2019) is autobiographical speculative fiction, with the intention of: "…telling queer stories where the queerness isn´t a narrative for bad things, but rather a source of joy or love…". It was published in CBA Anthology vol.45 "Qtopia".


Queer Village Letters (2023) is a sequel to Queer Village. An ongoing series, based on the first sentence from a series of letters which began in 2021, it explores a collective longing. What does a day in Queer Village look like? How do we take care of each other? How do we create a place of solidarity together?


At GEST, audiences are invited to continue the queer correspondence and collective narrative. 

Bianco Casco is a Swedish-Honduran artist based in Gothenburg and a current student at HDK-Valand.



Instagram: @bianco_casco



In conjunction with our production of Fair Play, GEST is hosting an exhibition of new work by Bianco Casco, featuring two works: Queer Village, and Queer Village Letters


We'll be opening the theatre early so that our audiences can enjoy the exhibition before watching the play.  Entrance to the exhibition is included with all tickets for Fair Play.

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