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GEST is delighted to offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Acting Courses in English for adults 17 +.

ENROLMENT for autumn term 2023 will open later in the year.

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Adult Acting at GEST

Beginners Course

An exciting opportunity to learn and develop basic acting skills including improvisation, character work and general acting techniques in a friendly and supportive environment. There are around 18 people in each class, and this course is best suited for drama beginners or those with little to no experience. An ideal place to practice conversational English in a new and creative environment.

Spring term 2023

Monday Classes 

Start date: 6 February 
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Course leader: James Hogg

Tuesday Classes

Start date: 7 February
Time: 17:30 - 19:00

Course leader: Gary Whitaker

Course fee: 2200 SEK (regular) 2000 SEK (student - please provide student ID).


Devising and Improvisation Course

This spring we're launching a new course focussed on devising and improvisation! Learn to create characters, increase stage-awareness and stage-craft, block, think on your feet, improvise like a pro and feel ever more comfortable onstage and in front of an audience, telling stories inspired by your own interests and experiences. This course provides an explorative and experimental space for trying new techniques without the pressure to produce, rehearse and memorise.

Students will collaborate to devise and perform their own scenes and short plays which will be workshopped and performed every week, based on weekly themes and incorporating the relevant technique for that week. Ten consecutive workshops will each build on lessons learned in the previous session. With around 19 students in the class, everyone will have numerous chances to perform for each other and to try out different techniques and ideas. Many groups choose to end with a final performance in front of an audience of family and friends but that will be put to a vote in week five and participation will be voluntary. Those who have taken beginner or intermediate courses with Silas (or Kitt) before may be somewhat familiar with the format.

This course is open to returning students and can even be taken alongside the traditional performance-based courses. Perfect for somebody who wants to deepen their understanding of drama, character creation, storytelling and stagecraft without the pressure of a final public show.

Spring term 2023

Classes: Sundays, 14:00 - 16:00

Start date: 5 February

Course Leader: Silas Barrie

Course fee: 2400 SEK (regular) 2200 SEK (student - please provide student ID)

Intermediate Course

In this course you get to go into more detail about character and text work, improvisations and role-play. The course will culminate in a shorter live performance in front of an invited audience of family and friends where you will perform shorter scenes and/or monologues. The course is suitable for those who have some theatre experience and wish to develop their acting skills further, and the class size is approximately 18 people.

Spring term 2023

Classes: Mondays, 19:15 - 21:15

Start date: 6 February

Course Leader: James Hogg

Course fee: 2400 SEK (regular) 2200 SEK (student - please provide student ID)

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course continues to refine your acting skills. You will learn how to analyse theatrical texts on a deeper level and to express a character's emotional expression through stage production exercises, role-play and improvisation. You deepen your knowledge of acting through working with plays or larger texts together with your group. Class size is around 18 people, and the course culminates in a longer live performance in front of family and friends.

This course requires you to study some texts and monologues at home, giving you the opportunity to focus on your acting during classes. The Advanced Course also includes a bonus session, where you and your scene partners spend in-depth time with your tutor, working on your scenes.

Spring term 2023
Classes: Tuesdays, 19:15 - 21:15

Start date: 7 February

Course Leader: Gary Whitaker

Course fee: 2600 SEK (regular) 2400 SEK (student - please provide ID).


james Hogg.jpg

James Hogg

James trained as an actor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

He has been working around the world for fifteen years, including work in London's West End (The Misanthrope) and with the National Theatre (A Midsummer Night's Dream).

Since moving to Gothenburg, James has been working extensively as a drama teacher and voiceover artist, including work for the Discovery Channel and Dreamworks. 

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Silas Barrie

Silas is a British actor, whose first role at GEST was in Rotterdam.


Silas has appeared in theatre productions of HamletTommy Pinball Wizard, This Wide NightHome and Jekyll and Hyde.


Film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean and Breech and he also trained with world renowned contemporary theatre practitioners, Circomedia, and worked for some time as an acrobase and circus performer. 

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Gary Whitaker 

Gary is an actor, director and Joint Artistic Director of GEST.

His theatre credits include leading roles in London's West End, Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Court. Film credits include the multi award-winning The Arbor, Melancholia, The Red Riding Trilogy, and TV credits include Wire in the Blood, Vincent, and for Swedish TV Sommar 85, Fallet, Isprinsessan and 183 Dagar. He is the voice of Magnus Fink in the Netflix series Rescue Riders.

His international directing experience includes The Young Vic London and Folkteatern Gothenburg. He has directed many of GEST's productions, most recently Ghost Stories.

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