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FAIR PLAY by Ella Road

Matinees 4 March-1 April can only be booked via KuBo by schools within Gothenburg.

Matinees 3rd, 4th and 5th of April can only be booked via our ticket form below, by schools from any region.

Tickets for evening performances can be booked via our ticket booking form below by schools from any region.

We have evening performances at 19:00 on weekday evenings and 18:00 on Saturdays.

Ticket price for schools within Gothenburg: 40 SEK per student.

Ticket price for schools outside of Gothenburg: 140 SEK per student.


Two teachers per 30 students attend for free.

All prices include 6% VAT (MOMS).

Would you like to book a free After Show discussion?

Enter the invoice address and all the codes that are required.

If you book for a school in the city of Gothenburg indicate N-number for district/administration and destination code.

(e.g. N131Angered, Intraservice, 405 38 Göteborg. Mottagarkod: XXX)

Read more about privacy and how we use your information here.

Thank you for your booking!

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