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As a non-profit organisation we're always dependent on government public funding and sponsorship.

As many of you now, it's currently a tough time for culture organisations in Sweden, and your support means a lot to us.

By supporting us you will help us to continue bringing the best of contemporary British theatre to Sweden, performed in its original language. You can also help us to introduce some of the most talented playwrights, actors, directors and writers from the British Isles to a Swedish audience.

With your help we can continue to develop our international collaboration, our educational outreach program, take on new challenges and expand our creative borders.

You are welcome to make a donation of your choice.


Please make the payment with the amount of your choice to;

Bankgiro: 5750-2239

Swish: 123 387 92 44


Mark it with your name and 'donation', or simply 'donation' if you prefer to be anonymous.


A big thank you for your continued support!


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