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A Hundred WorKs For Snow

The Exhibition

5 - 26 November 2023

Vernissage 4 November

Do you want to participate

with your art?

Gothenburg English Studio Theatre presents

A 100 WorKs for Snow

The Exhibition

5-26 November 2023

Vernissage 4 November 2023

Welcome to the biggest exhibition ever to be held at GEST!


Inspired by Tatty Hennessy's brilliant play A Hundred Words for Snow, we want to showcase A 100 Artworks For Snow in the Foyer gallery.

The exhibition will be held throughout the run of the play between 5-26 November.


More information to be announced!

Apply for the Open Call!

To accompany our production of A hundred words for snow, GEST will present an exhibition of 100 artworks in the foyer gallery entitled A Hundred worKs For Snow!


The art exhibition will in some way reflect the setting and environment of the play. It’s up to the artist to represent what this means for them. Focus could be the wintery landscape of the north pole with details such as Northern lights, snowflakes, tundra, polar bears or climate change. The works can be naturalistic or abstract. They can be paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and installations.


For this exhibition we welcome both established and emerging artists, locally or within Sweden to submit their work. Artists can also list the works for sale during the period. One artist can submit several works. The foyer has several bigger walls, but limited floor space. It’s possible to also hang light sculptures or other types of works from the ceiling. 


  • Maximum size for wall art: 50 cm x 50 cm

  • Maximum size for 3D art such as installations or sculptures: 30 cm in every direction. If you wish to submit other types of artwork - please send a mail and ask us. It’s not guaranteed we can provide the space.

  • To submit an already completed artwork, please email:

  1. a photo of the artwork

  2. dimensions of the artwork

  3. name

  4. title

  5. year in which the art is made

  6. material

  7. price (if it’s for sale)

  8. how to contact you if a buyer wants more information

  9. a couple of sentences about yourself and your art

  • To submit a work-in-progress or something not yet begun, please email a short description of the artwork you’re about to make, dimensions, plus a few sentences about yourself.

  • All artworks need to be fully prepared for exhibition, for example canvas mounting or attachments.

  • We don’t take any responsibility for art sales. All correspondence regarding sales is between the buyer and the artist. Though, if you wish to have your work for sale, let us know how they should contact you. When an artwork is sold, please get back to us so we can mark the artwork with a dot.

  • If you wish to sell - please note that all artworks need to stay in the exhibition throughout the period. The works can be collected from 27th November. Please bear in mind that we cannot take any responsibility for the sale process, packing material or transportation.



If you submit a work-in-progress, make sure you send all the needed information before deadline

Email the submission to


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