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I and You

by Lauren Gunderson

15 March - 13 April 2019


Lauren Gunderson

Gary Whitaker


Anne O' Riordan

Daniel Davids

Ger Olde Monnikhof

Fredrik Glahns

Karl Wassholm


Lina Ikse​

GEST is delighted to present the Scandinavian premiere of the award-winning I and You by Lauren Gunderson.

I have a life, ok: I text. A lot.

Housebound because of illness, Caroline has only Instagram and Facebook for company. That is until Anthony bursts in – uninvited and armed with waffle fries, a scruffy copy of Walt Whitman's poetry and an urgent project deadline… Caroline is unimpressed all around.

I and You is a witty and uplifting portrayal of friendship and living life to the full. A tale of hopes, dreams, poetry, and with a twist that will leave you breathless.
It won the coveted American Theatre Critics Association’s New Play Award and recently had its London West End premiere opening to fantastic reviews.

"At its premises on Chapmans torg, GEST (…) continues to offer English-language drama and theatre of the highest quality. This time, it’s one of the theater’s founders and Artistic Directors Gary Whitaker who honourably takes on Lauren Gunderson's "I and you"."

"O’ Riordan skillfully balances the role’s mixture of cockiness and pitifulness. Davids brilliantly performs the charming confident afro-American professor’s son Anthony who bursts into Caroline’s room, claiming they have a shared project."

"Maybe ”I and You” can open new young eyes for Whitman and for the charm of poetry. (…) And it’s not boring for one single second"

Göteborgs-Posten 18/3 2019

“It is a really special play for me because it is a play that allows us to examine the surprising connections we have with each other, and how much we actually need each other, even if we think we may not have anything in common. It’s about the power of words and poetry and story to unite us. It’s about the good things in life we do, even if we don’t know their long-term impact. And, it’s about coming together and how that makes us stronger.”

Lauren Gunderson, playwright

I and You in the press

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Review Göteborgs-Posten 18/3 2019


Göteborgs-Posten 15/3 2019

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