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For ages 15 - 19,

touring schools all over Sweden.

To book please contact us directly on: or 031- 42 50 65

First-hand accounts of the asylum system and seeking refuge in a Europe closing its doors, in the words of people who have experienced it.

If your voice was heard, what would you say?


​​ “The political system is treating the people as if they are numbers... it’s funny here in the migration system. When they distribute the people on the rooms they distribute numbers not persons. They are talking about numbers.”


VOICES consists of testimonies from people who have experience of fleeing and of the asylum system in Sweden and the UK, and who wish to share their testimony through VOICES. In the performance, actors will tell these stories to an audience that might not otherwise have heard them.



VOICES is a living project that is evolving constantly. This means that we will continue collecting testimonies that people want to share through interviews. 


GEST is collaborated with Folkhögskolan i Angered, Support Group Network and ice&fire for the VOICES project. See more information about these organisations below.


Support Group Network

SUPPORT Group is a collaboration where Swedes and refugees together support and assist arriving countrymen and asylum seekers and it starts in Restad Gård in Vänersborg.

If you want support this organisation with their work please use 123 223 37 32 (swish) or

5138-5854 (bankgiro) with your chosen sum.


Folkhögskolan i Angered

A folk high school which is actively working to counter inequality, commercialism and passivity through courses and collaborations.



Explores human rights stories through performance. They put human rights at the core of everything they do to make accessible theatre for  audiences across the UK.

Kristina Brändén Whitaker



Arbi Udugov

Yasmina Ould El Kabla

Vilde Moberg

Edwin Safari

Zaher Kayali


Ger Olde Monnikhof

Fredrik Glahns

Karl Wassholm

Lina Ikse



"Sensitive and respectful of human destinies at GEST.

Gothenburg English studio theatre’s new production Voices is a minimalistic documentary theatre based on interviews with asylum seekers. Mikaela Blomqvist saw a well-executed play which portrays the individual’s history with respect and sensitivity. 

Voices’ Dramaturg and Director Kristina Brändén Whitaker [is] carfeul not only with what stories are told but also how they are told.

(…) it is, as hinted at by the title, the voices that are given room. Voices is a play that has the courage to trust these voices.

Because even if Brändén Whitaker is responsible for arranging and portraying the testimonies, as well as for the rhythm of the play which emerges from how the five stories are arranged, it is the word for word rendition that is the play’s great strength. It is well executed and shows a great respect and sensitivity towards the individual person’s history."

Göteborgs-Posten 181108

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